S.I.O.M. computer programs

The S.I.O.M. (Singular Integral Operators Method)  series of computer programs are over the  last  years widely used for the solution of problems in many areas of engineering mechanics like elasticity, structural analysis, fracture mechanics, potential theories, fluid mechanics, petroleum science and  aerodynamics.


They represent the use of computational recipies for the evaluation of several  complicated types of  linear and non-linear singular integral equations, which form the latest high technology  on  the solution of very important problems of solid and fluid mechanics. These numerical methods form the modern computational technology of the twentieth-one century.

These programs  are  referred  to  the  research  work  conducted  at  the  Interpaper  Research  Organization, by  Professor  E.G.Ladopoulos  over  the  past years. The Singular Integral Operators Method  was  introduced  and  investigated  for  the  numerical  evaluation  of   the  multidimensional  singular   integral  equations. This  computetional method in many cases offers important advantages over "domain" type  solutions, like finite elements and finite difference, as well as analytical methods such as complex variable methods.


The current package includes six different programs by using the S.I.O.M., for the solution of the following engineering problems:

   1. Two-dimensional Aerodynamics (Airfoil without velocity).
   2. Two-dimensional Aerodynamics (Airfoil with velocity).
   3. Potential Problems with Constant Elements.
   4. Potential Problems with Linear Elements.
   5. Two-dimensional Elasticity with Constant Elements.
   6. Two-dimensional Elasticity with Linear Elements.

The above programs are run in Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, 7 and up.