Objectives - EU Academy of Sciences

The main objective of the EU Academy of Sciences is to promote efficient collaboration between scientists, researches, engineers and business people all over the world. So, the major scope of the Academy is to improve the Science according to the needs of the 21st Century and transfer the knowledge to the end-users. Besides, the EU Academy of Sciences deals with the scientific and technological progress worldwide, in order to identify the most important scientific and technological problems and to improve the way for their solution.   

Consequently, the mission of the Academy is to:

·        Promote the improvement of science and technology according to the needs of the 21st Century all over the world.

·        Encourage the highest standards in research and technology.

·        Make recommendations to governments and international agencies referring improvements of science and technology.

·        Encourage international research and business proposals in all areas of science and technology.

·        Propose all the suitable actions to identify the major areas of research and technology worldwide.

·        Act as an intermediate for international cooperation in research and technology projects.

·        Exchange ideas with meetings and conferences between the international members, bringing diverse perspectives to the examination of issues of common concern.